Review of RoadPro (TruckSpec TSVMT-530) CB antenna

Revision 1.0

The RoadPro TruckSpec TSVMT-530 Citizen Band antenna comes as  3" magnetic mount and a bottom loaded coil and a top section 2-foot whip.  Pre-wired with 12 feet of coax terminated with a UHF connector.  It's rated for 25 Watts.  This page reports my observations.

As it comes in the package, it comes in three pieces that you hand assemble before use.
  1. The base is pretty large and stable.  It has a nice rubber pad to protect the car finish, but it's thin enough to not degrade the magnetic hold down power.
  2. The whip is held into a little threaded adapter with a hex set screw.  It has an open-air coil part way up the whip.
  3. There is a coil section that screws into the magnetic base with about a 3/8" thread. The coil section includes an internal xx uHenry wound inductor that connects to an approxmiately 1/8" brass threaded section that the whip screws onto.  On the outside of the coil section, there are two metal rings that thread up or down to interrupt the magnetic field of the wound coil, and change the tuning of the antenna.
Problem - the brass threads that stick out the top of the coil section are glued onto a very small 1/8" plastic tip that sticks out from the wound coil.  Very easy to break off if the whip is stressed sideways in any way.  Basiclly the whip will crack the brass tip off the plastic core.  Even worse, using no tools (just hand snugging the threads), the adapter at the base of the whip presses against the outer plastic shroud around the wound coil, and the threads were powerful enough to pull / snap the thin 1/8" plastic so the brass threaded adapter came totally free, mechanically breaking loose from the coil, and breaking the electrical connection from the coil to the whip.

Overall outcome of the coil design?  Hand-tighten the whip onto the coil and the attachments threads pull apart and break the interior of the coil section!  Antenna dead.  The entire antenna stack is dependent on a thin 1/8" diameter section of glued plastic.  This is not a very good design for mobile use and robust survival in the elements.

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