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Education - I enjoy mentoring others who desire to learn and have the focus to do well. "Qui docet discit." For three years, I worked at the United States Air Force Academy, which gave me a chance to motivate and prepare future leaders of our country, and I enjoyed the ambiance of technology and science.  Duties as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Researcher included Course Directorship and Instruction for Physical Chemistry lab, and Instruction for the freshman chemistry course.  If you'd like, take a look at the Nuclear Chemistry lab I designed for 3rd year cadets as part of the Physical Chemistry sequence. I also worked in the USAFA Chemistry Research Center, characterizing Li3AlH6 as a hydrogen source for fuel cells and rocket propellant additive.

After a period of independent contract work and System Engineering as a government contractor, I returned to a faculty position at a private college on the west side of Michigan.  There, I kept very busy teaching, and developing paradigms for teaching General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.  If you ftp or http directly into this web site directory (I'll let you figure out how to do that :-), you can see many of the files I distribute as part of my teaching styles that have gone pretty much paperless. Even though teaching 12-13 student contact hours per week in multiple courses, and fulfilling an additional 1/3-time appointment, I still try to save some time for a research program.

Through the years, I've taken a number of certification exams. I've developed a trademark self-study method based around "Sound Bite Study Guides".  Three of these are available as pdf file downloads, including tests for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), Flight Engineer (FE), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).  I have wiki web pages for the Certified Flight Instructor Written Exam  and initial CFI Oral Exam

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