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The internet and paper books have tons of information about computing.  It's not as if you can't find the information you need. Resources abound in the age of Internet search engines.  But getting your foothold onto the technology just takes too much time.

A fancy new piece of software or hardware has a limited lifetime.  Some new technology will replace software a year down the road.  Hardware maybe a few years. Properly understanding your business and deciding what resources to bring to bear in what way -- choosing an architecture and collection of available tools -- can last much longer.

I do business processes and technology integration, not software programs.  Individuals and zippy Internet firms often don't understand the rhythms and choreography of how you do things, how your brain thinks. What resources you have available and your time limits create a unique situation.  Helping you frame that unique need and matching it against solutions is what I do.

I've worked across the range of management to techno-geek.  I've been involved with the U.S. Government SBIR program since 1992 both as a contractor writing proposals, on the government side writing topics, as lead evaluator for submitted proposals, and an AFWERX SAGE Fellow, helping small businesses interface with the government..  I've written device drivers, miniature operating systems onto TTL chip CPUs, SCADA, PLC, real-time control code.  I wrote my first drivers to handle 8" floppy disk I/O for a IMSAI computer.

85% of the time, I've found that what's really necessary is matching business needs and processes to computer capability that is already out there.  I have no altruistic preference for Windows or Linux or Apple.  They are not better or worse - just different.  To make intelligent decisions, you should understand the differences.  If you already are committed one way or the other, that's probably fine.  You can "save money" and "be more productive" by learning what you have rather than whole-sale switching to the new fad. Upgrades or switching operating systems may not be necessary.  I can help you.
  1. Make the decision to switch computing environments, and then help you through the transition, or
  2. Stay committed to what you have and use it comprehensively instead of the 25% most casual users tap into.
Government Services -  I'm willing to come on site, learn your business processes and advise you how to use what you have.  Alternately, let me do the leg work, research work, and documentation to submit up the management chain a proposal to fund that system you know you need.

Academic computing - Maybe you're trying to make your equipment last forever.  I can help you plan for a longer service life. Modify curriculum?  Use alternate hardware or software with minimum impact?  Or, if you are the beneficiary of a nice grant, you probably don't have time to do all the shopping and vendor calls. Let me know what you need; I've worked in your environment before, and I'll give you back a short list of who to call to make the final decision.  If you need someone to increase the authority of your proposal's technical section, give me a holler.  

Sole Proprietor - it's frustrating to not have the time to be able to choose and configure the slick environment you know is available out there.  Let me research the hardware and software market so you can start using it. I'll install and configure everything and write you a short and sweet cheat sheet to help you get operating fast and continue operating quickly.

Small Businesses - simply put, you don't have the time to mess around with this stuff.  Let me research the hardware and software market so you can include details in your next grant proposal.  Any SBIR or other technical proposal should include some hardware upgrade or item you've wanted.  Each time, something is justified.  Let me help you piece together a fantastic lab by understandign what you have and getting what you need.

Non-profit - the hardware and software you're using was donated, or acquied through some large organizational purpose, with little thought of how you're going to use it.  Maybe you have equipment that is way too powerful and capable, and simply trading down to targeted equipment you need is appropriate.  Maybe making old hardware work with new problems is needed.  Worse case, we can develop a well-documented request for funds or grants to fill the gaps.

Transitions to sole proprietorship or individual family use - for 15 years, you've had the support of the IT department at work, and lots of dollars to buy new hardware.  Your company "refreshes" hardware every year or so.  As an individual, you can't afford that.  Let me show you how to use well what you can afford.  Or, if something has become such a liability to you, let me help  you find a replacement.

Here's what I can do for you:

"When you don't know where else to go, go back to the beginning."

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