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Communication Operations & Technology - I hold both an FCC commercial GROL license and an Advanced class amateur radio license.  I'm a certified FCC examiner for both amateur and commercial licenses, under the ARRL VE and Elkins COLEM programs.  While stationed in Colorado, I was the Officer in Charge for the K0MIC USAF Academy station, and managed to write funded proposals for significant satellite comm equipment.  I'm active on the amateur radio VHF and UHF networks, with a predilection for TPK as my host, and I'm around-the-world capable on HF.  I'm watching momentum build behind the mating of Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation information and data communications, pleased to see amateur radio operators in the forefront.

USMail contact information for any amateur radio operator is available from callsign database search engines, such as that maintained by the UALR Amateur Radio Club. Another good point of contact is the web page host, where any ARO can get free web page space.

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