Several CurrentHELTechnologies have promise for producing High Energy Lasers.
The High Energy Laser community has a number of HEL People.

You can see a gallery of DEW news reports, or download them directly using the links below.

News Reports

ELLA (Electric Laser for Large Aircraft) planned for B-1B integration - March 2010.
150KW HELLADS area defense laser module tested - June 2011.
Airborne Laser Public Relations web page.
ABL-Feb2006.pdf (263 KB)
Northrup Grumman offers modular Firestrike 15 KW solid state lasers, combinable up to 100 KW.
February 2010 video narrating the first Airborne Laser shoot down.

HEL Funding Around the Nation

This page accumulates public information about HELFundingDiary

Additional Reading

target small
  1. Airplane.net photograph of surrogate missile target for ABL. Modified Big Crow NKC-135E aircraft.
  2. How Light Sabers work (Pleasant parody from howstuffworks.com)
  3. Russian Report about HumanPerceptionOfInfraredLasers. (198 KB pdf)

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