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Here at, we're celebrating 28 years on the Internet!  Increa began to publish the "Minisport Laptop Hacker" via UUCP in October of 1991. A year after Yahoo came into existence, in November 1997, Increa Technology appeared as a web page hosted on  A year later Google put up a web page. In 2002, became a stand-alone domain. On these web pages, you'll find information hovering in the void between professional activities, entrepreneurial feasibility, and renaissance curiosity. If you use material from pages I maintain, please link let me know, and provide a link back to

Early intentions out of high school were to become a medical doctor, but during my second year of college, I started building computers, and my life became a combination of interests. I obtained a Ph.D. degree doing atomic emission analysis of atmospheric pressure spark discharges, and then joined the military as an Air Force pilot.

When I left active duty military, I settled onto a rural homestead in Michigan and secured work as a Sr. System Engineer in the field of industrial automation, while continuing to fly KC-135s with the Air Force Reserves. I enjoyed the intellectual freedom of being a telecommuter, but the implosion in 2001 sent me out on my own to breath life back into the sole proprietorship company I had started more than a decade prior. I did contract work under conditions that many dream of, but was disappointed at the lack of integrity in some business relationships.

When a job opened up as a Flight Test Engineer at Edwards AFB on the Airborne Laser program, I moved to southern California. Later, I took a job in the Electronic Warfare directorate, where I found more expansive work doing Directed Energy Test & Evaluation and other Technical Assistance representing the Air Force Flight Test Center enterprise at Edwards Air Force Base.  At the USAF Test Pilot School, I continued to develop flight test instrumentation and software to significantly cut costs of aircraft modification, while changing flight test execution paradigms and educational curriculum.

Fall of 2007, I accepted a full-time faculty position back in Michigan, while simultaneously serving in a Residential Life position on campus.  During semester breaks, I continued Air Force Reserve work at the USAF Test Pilot School and the Electronic Warfare Directorate. The draw of wind and weather in an operational environment, and the deleterious effects of long office hours staring at a computer had a combined effect, which eventually drew me back to the west coast to instruct at the USAF Test Pilot School..

Eventually, as finances allowed, I decided I wanted to move back to the Midwest.  The path was not easy because it included moving 6 times in the span of 5 years, doing nuclear treaty assurance and then acquisition work at Air Force's Materiel Command. The operational aviation work was been good, but I'm happy moving back toward science and technology management while continuing flight activities in civilian capacities.

Aviation Communications Operations & Technology
Space Operations & Engineering Computers: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Industrial Control
Education Engineering

Increa posts may appear in news groups for Hewlett-Packard HP48Palm PilotRadio Equipment Swaps, or Linux Newsgroups.  Every once-in-a-while, I publish articles about my activities, including finances, taxes, and energy needs of a small homestead. I moderate the Volmer VJ-22 and Sugar Springs Airstrip Yahoo groups. If you're interested in making computers work for you instead of working for them, visit my Increa Computer Consulting page. If I ever run out of things to do, I used to visit the catalogs of Tom Lindsay and buy a new book.  Sadly, Lindsay books went out of business end of 2012.  Some alternatives -,,,,,

"When you don't know where else to go, go back to the beginning."

PhotographThis page is maintained by Brian Mork, owner & operator of IncreaTM // It was last modified November 2017. Suggestions for changes and comments are always welcome. The easiest way is to contact me through the Internet.

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